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A trip to the interior shop

A trip to the interior shop

When I first bought this truck, I knew that it was going to get driven and used so I needed an interior that I was not going to be afraid of and an interior that was going to hold up to part deliveries, TCRC’s car show schedule, etc.  It had to be useable, durable and it had to look good.

Most panel trucks of this era only came with one bucket seat for the driver and that was it. I needed something more practical.  I needed enough seating for my “help” (a/k/a my family) to be able to come with me to car shows, to help setup and to help man the TCRC booth. I called Jay Peterson from  Jay's Hot Rod Upholstery and gave him a quick rundown on the project and the work that had already been done including Mike Meyer’s handiwork.  I explained what I needed and described my vision of the completed truck. I have seen Jay's work over the years and trusted him completely.  I gave him no more guidance than that and put absolutely no restrictions on his creativity.

Jay stepped up in a big way.  He took a bench seat from a 67-72 Chevrolet pickup, removed the springs from the bottom half of the seat and built his own base. He removed a total of four inches from the base and removed the seat risers. The seat now sits down much farther than stock and is much more comfortable.

Jay also added chrome grommets to the seat and had our logo embroidered onto the fabric in a black on black color scheme which together kept the lines nice and clean. The dash pad matches the seat with chrome grommets and sports a bit of a muscle car feeling with the perforated material.

The head liner is totally different than anything I have ever seen in a classic truck, you have to check it out (if you see us at a show, stop by and take a look, it will be worth it!). Using two small LED interior lights for dome lights and chrome beading to match the seat and dash, Jay was able to keep the lines above my head a clean match the rest of the interior.

The interior is still a work in progress.  We need to finish the back cargo area and I was throwing around the idea of using carpeted panels on the sides because of carpets durability – remember, this is a driver and sees heavy use. I am going to leave the headliner in the back of the truck up to Jay and we may also end up adding a divider between the front seat and rear cargo area. I will add more pics when we get more of the interior done so please keep checking back for updates – also check out the album on the TCRC Facebook page and feel free to leave suggestions on what you would do, what you like and don’t.  I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

Finally, on the last day that the truck was at Jay's shop, I stopped over and changed out the wheels. I went with steel wheels complete with Moon Eyes snap on discs to finish off that salt flat look.  I have to admit, I love those Moon Eyes snap on discs. They just look badass.  

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