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First Things First!

First Things First!

After we got back from vacation, I started focusing on our new shop truck and how I wanted to make it my own.  I enlisted the help of my 16 year old son and started with the obvious - I removed all of the vinyl lettering off the truck, gave the panel truck an oil change, replaced the plugs, the wires, the cap and the rotor, set the timing, and also converted the distributor to electronic by using the Pertronix Ignitor  #1181. We removed the Quadrajet that came with the truck and put on an Edelbrock Carburetor #1406, wired in the electric choke and installed an inline fuel filter.  

Once we got the truck running the way it should, we took the truck to one of our customers, Skwerts Service. Skwerts installed a full exhaust system from the manifolds back. They then replaced the rear coil springs with 3-inch half ton drop springs from Classic Performance.  I chose to go with the half ton springs rather than keeping the 3/4 ton drop springs that came with the truck because while the truck is a 3/4 ton, it was a horrible ride and the new drop springs gave me a much smoother ride.

For the front, Skwerts installed a set of half ton springs that they cut two coils off from. After they were done with the suspension, I had them remove the Chevrolet trim on the hood (because half of it was missing) and repaint the front of the hood.  They also aligned the doors, hood, and fenders as much as possible.

Since I first bought this truck, I had this vision in my mind that I wanted it to have that 1960's salt flat push truck look. With todays technology, you can find talented sign makers and graphic designers on every corner, but I didn't want a "new truck" look, I wanted it to look like whatever graphics were on it had been on there since 1968. I called the famously talented Mike Meyer in Mazeppa Minnesota who is one of the very few sign makers around that still hand paints signs.  I told him what I was doing with the truck and my vision and he started researching for the design and art work by looking at old books and pictures from the salt flats.

A few days pass and I had a proof from Mike in my hands and the shop truck was on its way to Mazeppa. TWO DAYS later (did I mention that Mike was talented AND fast??) I get the call, "Court your truck is done, come get it." I could not believe my eyes when I showed up at Mike's shop. I was looking at my salt flat push truck.

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